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High-Quality Products for your Concrete Project

Austad Epoxy offers professional, experienced installation of contractor-quality Sherwin Williams®, ColorFlakes®, and H&C Beautiful Concrete Protection® products. Your project will often have unique product needs. Just ask if you'd like to learn more about these products and the processes involved.

Polyaspartic Products

We use a quality selection of Hirshfield's products for our polyaspartic applications.

Epoxy and Urethane

In addition to Hirshfield's products, we use professional grade Sherwin Williams products including, but not limited to, the ArmorSeal line. Professional-grade epoxy products. ArmorSeal 100hs ©Sherwin Williams

Professional-grade epoxy products. ArmorSeal Rexthane MCU ©Sherwin Williams

For more information on these Sherwin Williams products, please view the Sherwin Williams product information page for ArmorSeal 1000HS and AmourSeal Rexthane.

Color Chips Additives and Overlays

ColorFlakes® can be mixed and matched in almost an endless number of ways. Chips are available in 100's of color and size combinations. Glow-in-the-Dark flakes, neon-dolored chips and flakes with a glittering appearance are even available.

Try the design tool offered on the ColorFlakes® website to explore the possibilities...

The extensive selection of ColorFlakes color chips can be viewed At ColorFlakes.com.

Call (701) 355-4770 or email Austad Art for more information about concrete floor services.

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