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Concrete Coatings - Polyaspartics / Epoxies / Stains
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Services We Offer

Interior and exterior projects.

We offer concrete staining in a variety of colors.

Epoxy Coatings

Epoxies have excellent adhesion qualities, although we still recommend concrete grinding for proper surface preparation. Solid color epoxy concrete treatments are available in 6 colors.

Epoxies offer excellent adhesion.  We use professional products from Sherwin Williams.

Poly-Aspartic Floor Coatings

Polyaspartic coatings have an excellent ability to hold up against scraping and tearing. This process is amazingly fast and can be performed in lower temperature ranges compared to the epoxy products. Polyaspartics require the concrete to be throughly prepared with grinding in order to ensure proper adhesion to the substrate. A poly aspartic clearcoat can be used over an epoxy with chips floor treatment too! If UV exposure is expected, a polyaspartic clearcoat is recommended rather than any other clearcoat product due to the possibility of yellowing.

A polyaspartic treatment in gray (dry):

Concrete was cracked and bulging.  Customer desired restoration with polyaspartic coating

Color Chips and Clear Coats

Literally hundreds of color combinations are available through the addition of ColorFlakes® color chips.

Clearcoat products are applied specifically for interior or exterior applications depending on UV exposure of site.

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